It takes more energy to try to be something you’re not…

I’m sure you’ve heard the term, to thine own self be true. This catchy little phrase stems from the popular writings of William Shakespeare. So, my question is, why is something so simple as being true to your self, so difficult at times? Is it easier to be something we’re not in order to please others? How many faces do we put on in a day so that we will fit in at work, at home, at church, at the gym, etc. Yes, this may seem to be just a random thought, but it came to me today as I contemplated cutting my hair. I’ve wanted to cut my hair for a few years now, but I wouldn’t do it because my hair has been natural for a while and I didn’t want to get a perm again. I didn’t feel like answering the questions of why are cutting your hair and why are you perming your hair when it’s so soft. However, cutting my hair to the length that I would like requires I perm because the style wouldn’t hold; especially since I like to work out off and on. Today something clicked in me. I decided I’m doing it. I’m going to cut my hair and perm it. And, I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m doing it for me. My friend said she wanted some of my confidence to rub off on her. I simply said to her with a sigh of relief; It takes more energy to try to be something you’re not, rather than to just let your self be. Now sometimes just being yourself may not be so great, if your say, psychotic (seek help). But, when it comes to the little things like your appearance, or the quirky music you like to listen to, why fight it.

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