Jennifer Hudson…size 0?

Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson. (MIKE SEGAR - REUTERS)

Jennifer Hudson (Huffington Post)

I was listening to V103 this morning, and the host stated in his celebrity report that Jennifer Hudson is now a size 0. A size 0? Wow! The last time I read up on her weight loss, she stated she was a size 6. I thought she was tiny then; so can you imagine how small she must be now? I hope it looks good on her. Either way, it’s obvious that Weight Watchers is working for her. He mentioned that she was somewhat unaware that she had become that small. It sounded as if it wasn’t until a sales woman offered to get her an item in a size zero that she became aware of the fact. Joy Behar, one of the hosts on The View was the first to speak about the incident. She told the audience that while speaking to JH, she discussed how it was still a little weird to see herself being so small. The same thing happened to one of my friends who swore up and down that she was a size 9. We actually had to go to a clothing store where she tried on women’s items and not items from the junior’s section. She was blissfully in awe to learn that she was actually a size 4. For my friend as well as many others who lose weight, she still saw the person that she once was; not the person she had become. I wonder; could that be the reason I tend to slack off once I begin to see an image that I like in the mirror. Am I so used to seeing the heavier me that when the smaller one emerges I shy away. Or, could it be that deep down I may feel as though I shouldn’t be the size that I desire. As I wrote in an earlier post; I’ve got to figure it out so that I no longer backslide into a weight that I’ve become grudgingly comfortable with. Here’s to self-awareness.


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