Water smart way to get to work…

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been so busy and I just couldn’t wrap my mind around anything that I really felt necessary to write about. That is until today; this morning to be even more specific. Oh what a delightful sight did mine eyes have the pleasure of seeing. I can honestly say that my drive to work has just gotten ten times better. Now I truly have something to look forward to as I prepare to take on the day and all that comes with it. It’s a routine of mine to drive to work in silence so that I can clear my head and focus my thoughts. You would not believe what I saw today. I saw the most pleasant thing that I could lay my eyes on. Out of the dark, to my right, appeared a billboard with Idris Elba on it. It was an ad for SmartWater. They sure are smart for getting him to be their spokesperson. Oh my gosh! Such fineness should be illegal, but then he’d be locked away and I would be denied the pleasure of seeing that gorgeous face of his. I mean as soon as I saw the ad, I think my face lit up just as bright as the sign that illuminated the night sky. It’s like Idris was saying to me, “J, have a great day.” I swear I smiled all the way to work thinking about how good he looked. Good googlie mooglie! I know they say you should drink eight 8 oz glasses of water a day. Well SmartWater has made me want to do just that; because now when I see a bottle, I’ll be picturing Idris Elba seated seductively on the livingroom floor, looking at me with those bedroom eyes. Each gulp will be more satisfying than the last. I already considered SmartWater to be very tasty; you know, really refreshing. But now, I’m a patron for life. Man, who would have thought I would be looking forward to a 6 a.m. drive on a Monday morning. All I can say is thank you SmartWater, thank you very much.


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