Cinderella Has Her Revenge

Cinderella's Revenge - Photo Retrieved from

Cinderella's Revenge - Photo Retrieved from

While searching one of my favorite sites (, I happened to stumble upon the baddest pair of shoes that I’ve seen in a very long time. I’ve always been one for liking fashion that takes risks and that makes a statement. And, although I’ve become a little tame over the years when it comes to my style, there is still a wild-child that resides within me. So, to my surprise, I found a pair of shoes (if that’s what you dare call them) that I feel would absolutely make my stems look wonderful. There would be no question that I’d be the topic of conversations for days, maybe even months on end. I can see me now, parading around in what I consider to be art on heels. Yes, there would be those who may have negative comments, derived primarily from their envy of not being bold enough to wear these heels. But, there would also be those individuals like myself, who would see these shoes for what they are; a fashion piece that channels Carrie Bradshaw’s boldness, Madonna’s material girl, Rihanna’s s & m and Beyoncé’s glamour.

The price tag for some people, including myself, may be considered steep. But I have to say that the bad girl in me wants these shoes. The great thing about acquiring these beauties is that they are custom-made, so not only would I look AWESOME, but my footsies would be comfortable. Just like Cinderella, these “slippers” would be made just for me. So you’re probably wondering who would be the Fairy God-mother to provide such a wonderful item for me to wear to the ball of my choice. It’s everlastingfashion, located in the UK, but accessible online through Yep, my dream shoes are a credit card and a click away.

If you’ve now become spellbound as I have over these crystalized pumps, then you’ll be mesmerized by the other items that this designer has to offer. The wonderful thing about it all is that even at the stroke of midnight, they’ll still be available.

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  1. love this title! and the pics are fun 🙂


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