A window must be open…

Someone recently said to me, “As one door closes, something else must open. Maybe not a door, but at least a window.” The statement made me laugh because I thought I knew what was going to come next, but instead I was surprised by the different perspective that was taken. I think that my friend’s way of looking at things is pretty encouraging and optimistic. I mention this because at the beginning of my summer a lot of doors were suddenly closed. And as I press forward, looking for open doors, I have been met with some challenges. I guess I never stopped to check for any open windows 🙂 As a result, I couldn’t even wrap my mind around blogging. although there were so many topics that flooded my head, the act of sitting down to write about them seemed more like a task than a form of enjoyment. It’s been such a crazy summer, most of which is gone now. A few more weeks and we’ll be welcoming the shades of orange, red, and yellow that eagerly rush to adorn the trees. That along with cooler, bearable temperatures and early nightfall are all nature’s way of letting us know that it’s once again time for that expected change. At least we have cute fall fashion trends to look forward to. It’s all just a marker in this thing called life. Well, speaking of markers, here is one that I’d like to make note of. It has been one year since I began my blog. Despite my inconsistencies and periods of hiatus, I’m still happy and proud of the fact that I didn’t scrap the idea after a couple of months. So, do I dare make a wish…Maybe. In a year’s time, God-willing, we’ll see if it comes true 🙂

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