Happy Birthday JAMAICA!!!!

Everything is Irie (that means all good) with me as I sit here thinking about how I will celebrate the 50th anniversary celebration of Independence for my home land. Although I left when I was a wee little tike, I still feel a close connection to my roots and I am very proud of my heritage. My family has made a temporary exodus to Jamrock, and as I type they are most likely visiting other family members and enjoying all the festivities that my little island has to offer. But, what can I say? Duty calls and I had to stay here in the states for work. So what shall I do today? Maybe I will pay homage by listening to a couple of Bob Marley or Peter Tosh albums from my dad’s collection. I just love the feeling of nostalgia that is brought on when static sounds emanate from the vinyl record as it spins underneath the delicate needle that sings its songs. I do know this much, I will definitely be showing my patriotism through my love of fashion. While searching to find unique items out there that could display my love for my country, I came across these cute items on Etsy.com. This site is always my go-to when I want to find something unique or original.

This is so cool to me. An actual coin with the background cut out. Very Unique.

So to show my enthusiasm about the day, I decided to sport my Bob Marley Tee with grey skinny jeans and chocolate platforms. I toned it down; no accessories. But I was pretty comfortable with the look. One of my fashion goals for this year is to wear more heels to make my curvy, 4’11 frame appear a little more slender.



I also chowed down on a che-zee Beef patty which I’ve been craving all summer (long story as to why I haven’t had one until now) and Kola-Champaigne.


Here today...


Gone in less than five minutes.

Overall, not a bad day!

Keep growing – Cocoa Flower


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