Road to Success

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Isn’t it a little sad when some things come to an end? This question popped into my head after watching the final chapter of the Twilight series. I thought to myself, “This was a really great saga, and now it’s over.” And to think, it all stemmed from the mind of a writer who created a story that will now have it’s place in time. Now while some may disagree on whether it was a good saga, it is still something that was birthed from the mind of an author and has managed to appeal to the masses. And, I for one enjoyed it. I think it’s amazing how our minds can create such wonderful things that in some way touch others. As someone who enjoys literature, I find myself doubting my skills and abilities when I see the works that others have created. I ask myself “Could I possibly create something as good?” But then I say to myself “If someone else can do it, then why not me?” I guess it really boils down to the desire, the determination, and the perseverance to see it through to the end. The other ingredients would be belief and faith. Many times we have to ignore that little voice (or sometimes big voice) that tries to keep us from achieving our fullest potential. Although it can be a struggle to see past the “what ifs” and “I don’t think I can,” we must hold on to the passion that drives us. Our drive will move us along the path to our desired destination.

The Road to Success

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  1. You are a brilliant writer. I am anxiously awaiting your published piece. Writing is one of gods gift to you. So natural and effortless.


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