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Sevenly_wells in India

Well it’s a new year and there are definitely new things in store. I love the fact that I am able to blog. Blogging really serves as an outlet for me to express my voice as a writer, as well as to showcase my creativity through personal style and interest. Whew, that was a mouthful. Anyway, one of the things that I am very passionate about is being able to help others. I truly feel that one of our greatest responsibilities as humans is to help one another. That is why I decided to do something on a monthly basis that would hopefully inspire readers of my blog to lend a helping hand to others that are in need.

So every month I will showcase a company or organization that is doing something to help those who are less fortunate. Let me be upfront in saying that in no way am I being paid to do this, I just feel that it is another way for me to give back and to use the gifts given to me to help others who are in need. That leads me to the first company of the year; Sevenly. Have you heard of them? Until recently, I had not. But now I’m glad I have.

Sevenly’s tag states that they are An organic funding movement to raise capital and awareness for the world’s greatest causes. Are You wondering how they do this? It’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Each week Sevenly showcases items such as T’s and sweatshirts that when purchased will have a portion of the proceeds donated to a special cause. It’s cool to see the weekly goal that is set in relation to the amount that has been raised. Like I said, it’s pretty awesome. And since I love t-shirts, I plan on starting off my New Year by purchasing one of the t’s shown below. I just can’t decide if I want grey or white.

If you’re a t-shirt lover like me, then maybe you’ll be interested in getting one from Sevenly, or you can just pass on the info. Remember, even the smallest act of kindness counts.

Sevenly_wells in India2

Sevenly_wells in India3

Sevenly_wells in India men

Sevenly_wells in India men2

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