Is 4 percent enough?

One of several versions of the painting "...

One of several versions of the painting “The Scream”. The National Gallery, Oslo, Norway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel like the person in the Scream painting. You know the one by Edvard Munch, where the disturbed, ghostly figure of a man is centered within a nightmarish atmosphere among a morbid background. How daunting. How disturbing. How hopeless. To me that’s what the painting conveys; but I’m no art expert, so take my criticism with a grain of salt. Anyway, that was the vision that came to my mind when I read an article stating that only 4% of your annual salary (post-taxes) is supposed to be designated toward your wardrobe.



I know that I’ve spent more than that in the past. I have to be honest, I try to budget responsibly; I save quite a bit on a monthly basis, and I put a lot of emphasis on retirement. But I never really had or thought to create an exact number to refer to when it comes to shopping. And, when I calculated what my 4% would be, I nearly had a fit that could resemble that of a small child whose favorite toy has been taken away. The number just seems so small. But, never the one to run away from a challenge, I’m going to see if I can adhere to my fashion budget for this year. It’s a great time to start since it’s still the beginning of January and so far I’ve only spent $10.00 on a cute belt from Urban Outfitters. Looking back on that decision, I really didn’t need the belt and I probably won’t wear it much. Anyway, we’ll see how this next adventure (sarcasm) turns out. So do you have a budget; if not, will you make one? If you make one, will it be 4%? I’d love to hear your thoughts :-).

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