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September 25, 2012

Who’s House…

Run’s House. Yeah, if you’re a Run-D.M.C fan like me, then you’ll definitely know what song I’m referring to. This week I paired one of my favorite t-shirts with a pencil skirt and mint green heels. What did I end up with? I guess you could say Hip-Hop meets girly-girl.

What was really fun was combining the styles to see what the result would be. Well, I was very happy with the result. Not to mention, I was able to wear my mint green heels which I could go on and on about.

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July 22, 2012

Charlie Tango on its way…

So recently my nephew got a remote control helicopter from his mom (my sis :)), and he is totally enthralled in its wonder. He could barely contain his anticipation as his granddad helped him assemble it before instructing him on how to use it. So now for the last few days he has been playing with his own Charlie Tango; watching it soar quickly into the air before starting its descent. He has not mastered how to manuever it through the air or how to land it properly, but still, he is quite pleased with his toy.

As I watched the excitement radiate from his adorable little face as the little helicopter lit up with red, blue, and green flashing lights it quickly made me think of the Fifty Shades Trilogy which I am currently reading (I’m on book three).

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